What's the Big Idea?

The number one thing our clients seem to appreciate is our ability to generate quality ideas. What distinguishes us from other marketing companies and advertising agencies is our ability to think globally. We are particularly adept at understanding the unique nature of a business, its industry, and the nature of the business challenge.

We do not take a casual or superficial approach. We bring an in-depth commitment and ethic to our work. We spend time listening, thinking, and conceiving. We search for the "big idea" (or ideas) that will make a difference. We have had some great successes.

The examples at right are case studies which reveal how Interactive Consulting assisted different clients in successfully meeting their challenges. The studies describe the challenge, the solution we offered, and the benefit to the client.

While your business or organizational challenge may differ, we hope that by reading these stories you may gain confidence that Interactive Consulting could strongly help you as well.