Total Marketing Solution and Integration for
Century Publishing, Inc.

The Challenge

Century Publishing is the largest publisher of individual office real estate magazines in the United States. As a company they market their product and services primarily through direct mail and trade show exhibition. Their challenge was to

establish an identity that would truly convey the essence of their product. It sometimes was confused with multi-office publications. They also needed to create a powerful brand that would be visually cohesive across a number of different media.

This need of course was ongoing since the company's inception in 1971. However, recently, the need became more acute with more competitors vying for this market. There was also a great challenge in that many of the marketing materials had been produced at different times by different people. There was a need for a fresh look that could be applied consistently across the board.

Also, Century needed a direct mail approach that would be more effective. They had been mailing out samples of magazines with a cover letter, and had been meeting with limited success and high postage costs.

The Solution
Interactive Consulting was privileged to begin working with Century in 1998. We began by producing two trade show exhibits (8' X 10') for them. We conceived slogans (I.e. "Stand Out" and "It's All Yours from Cover to Cover") that helped the company to position itself strongly among its competitors. We also developed the visuals establishing fresh, impacting exhibits (example below).

This approach was very successful. The displays really drew people's attention and conveyed the benefit of the product implicitly.

Century Publishing then requested our assistance in their direct mail efforts. Interactive Consulting spent quality time on site interviewing staff to better understand the product and proven sales approaches. We then helped Century reposition their product and service. We first modified the presentation of their service to "value-added marketing" rather than simple printing (often perceived as a commodity). We also tried to change peoples perception of the product from a one-time magazine to a total strategy.

We developed several full color multi-fold self mailers that were mailed in large numbers across the United States. These pictured below utilized creative concepts and approaches that focused on key benefits of the product as well as the strength of the overall Century operation.

A principal cornerstone of the marketing effort was the conception and development of "The Kit." Previously, Century had sent out the Publishing Guide and samples as part of an initial mailing. We simply reoriented the perception of this information. Truly this had value in and of itself. Packaged as "The Kit," their basic information became a resource (see picture below). We refocused the objective of the direct mail to encourage people to order "The Kit" free of charge. Century thus developed interested leads that sales staff could follow up on.

Century Publishing also has a commercial division. They contracted with Interactive Consulting to help establish materials for this division as well. They wanted to tie things together with the real estate publishing division, but also communicate a distinct identity. We helped them develop this approach, again through consultation and the development of a strong positioning approach. The brochure pictured below focuses on the five unique distinctives of their commercial division.

Century Publishing has enjoyed tremendous success over the past couple of years. Last year the entire operation, including the commercial division, enjoyed over 30% annual growth. The direct mail has been highly effective. This strategy has also significantly cut down in postage costs. Overall, Century Publishing has been very pleased with the success of the campaign and their relationship with Interactive Consulting.