Modernizing Marketing Identity for Northwest Christian Schools

Interactive Consulting specializes in serving the needs of Christian & other non-profit organizations. We have developed diverse projects: posters, booklets, book covers, web sites, event signage, presentations, brochures, multi-media, tracts, illustrations, displays, etc.

We are adept at creating materials that powerfully and sensitively communicate to the intended audience.

The Challenge at NWCS
Northwest Christian Schools is a K-12 educational institution comprised of two campuses and 600+ students. NWCS needed to develop an identity package that would effectively convey the school, its mission, the specific grade groupings information, history, etc. The most important goal of course was to increase recruitment and retention. A second goal of the package was to help in planned giving efforts.

Marketing materials up to that time had been fairly limited in scope. Thus, in this endeavor, much of the language and approach needed to be developed from scratch. Finally, it was hoped that the marketing package would be a great morale boost to the entire NWCS community in promoting a positive image and cohesive message.

The Solution
NWCS contracted with Interactive Consulting to assist them in putting this together. We had assisted them previously in developing a web site for their 50th Anniversary celebration.

One of the first things we did was to help come up with a theme. The theme was "Prepared in Mind, Prepared in Heart." This was the central theme for the marketing efforts. In this theme, we established the two priorities of an NWCS education: 1) intellectual preparation; and 2) spiritual and character preparation.

Interactive Consulting then developed the approach around this theme. We proposed and executed a three-panel pocket folder with inserts (pictured below). We helped to write the copy on the pocket folder and inserts. We executed the design and managed all aspects of the printing process.

We also incorporated the same theme and stylistic elements into the development of their school web site. We helped develop a model for the web site which prioritized the quick dissemination of information. It was structured so that the site can be maintained by school staff. With the addition of a strong web site, the school now has a cohesive identity in different media.

Response to the new materials and web site has been very enthusiastic. Recruitment success has been tangibly better. Planned Giving efforts have also met with increased success.