Developing a Web Model for a New Mission with the Workforce Development Council (WDC)

The Challenge

The Spokane Area Workforce Development Council is a public/private partnership that is responsible for overseeing the work and employment system in the greater Spokane, Washington region. Created by federal mandate, the WDC replaced an older program called the JTPA.

Like its predecessor, the WDC awards grant money and provides accountability for a number of employment-related programs in the community. However the new organization, as stipulated by the legislation, must do much more.

It is called to provide community-wide leadership in workforce development as well as in the broader realm of regional economic development.

This transition posed numerous challenges. There was considerable uncertainty as to what this new organization was to look like and how it was to function. The essence of the new organization needed to be communicated effectively to service agencies, the membership, and the community at large. More importantly, the WDC needed to begin to actually fulfill its leadership mandate.

The WDC needed a web site to communicate the new mission as well as fulfill it. They also wanted something they could update themselves on a regular basis.

The Solution
The WDC contracted with Interactive Consulting (IC) to help it develop an organizational web site that would help it to meet some of these challenges. We proceeded through a rigorous process to establish the purpose and shape of the web site and to design and program it.

Interactive Consulting developed a unique solution for this organization's needs. First, the web site was designed to reach leaders and business owners primarily. We thus emphasized the community leadership aspect of the project by quoting key members of the council on particular areas of interest and expertise.

We also implemented some key areas to accomplish the leadership mandate:

An "In Focus" section with key and timely articles on topics of interest.
• A Discussion Forum for interaction.
• A dynamic home page
• Custom iconography to help establish identity.
• Search functionality

The site has been warmly received by staff and the community alike. It has done much to help convey a positive and professional image for the Council.