Creative Development

Interactive Consulting provides unique creative services. We bring fresh insight to our client's business challenge. We propose ideas that are often "out of the box" in terms of approach to selling a product or service as well as the method of communication.

Perhaps you have a familiar product, but want to present it in a new way. Maybe you are stumped on how to get a certain constituency to respond to your appeal. Or maybe you have an idea, but are having a hard time visualizing it or even explaining it? These are our specialties. We excel at taking what is intangible and making it tangible. We are adept at promoting "interaction" whether it is on-line, through direct mail or sales material, through a presentation, or in the context of an event.

After we help develop winning ideas and concepts, we bring the ideas into shape and visual reality through the development of vibrant and effective communications. We shape your message and your brand and apply to diverse media such as: print, advertising, exhibits, web sites, and multi-media.

Overall, we offer our clients energy, experience, expertise, commitment and above all first rate creativity.