Interactive Modeling

"Thank you again for a job well done. I had a basic philosophy of what we wanted to do and you listened and you were able to grasp the feeling that I wanted to present. You were able to take my thoughts and concepts and turn it into something real... And you did it in very short order. You enabled me to get started much quicker and actually helped me bring all of my thoughts into a succinct pattern."

-Howard Walters

Interactive Consulting was founded on a simple premise. There are hundreds of web design companies. But often businesses need more than simple web design. They need assistance in developing a business model that will work on-line. At Interactive Consulting, we offer Internet Business Development services, which include web design.

Interactive Modeling is simply the process whereby we analyze the nature of your business, its intended audience, and the other particulars of the business transaction. We then utilize our extensive understanding of on-line models for transacting business and promoting interactivity. We propose an interactive paradigm that will help you accomplish your objectives. We then help you in its execution through web design and often through database programming and e-commerce solutions.

It really comes down to a simple service. We help you understand what the possibilities are on-line and how you and your business can take advantage of them.

We recently completed the first phases of web site development for the SpaMassage Alliance. Learn about this in our WORK section for an understanding of how we provided interactive modeling. GO