Marketing Consultation & Planning

Figuring Out Where You Want to Go and How to Get There
We consult with our clients regarding their business or enterprise and develop marketing concepts, positioning, and plans that will achieve the desired results. All industries have their unique characteristics, language, and business protocol. We are particularly adept at comprehending a business and its industry, the vision of the owner, and the nature of the business challenge.

The Process

Initial Consultation:

This can take place in one interview or several. We use this time to thoroughly discuss your business, its industry, your history, your competitors, your products, your sales objectives, your current challenges, and past marketing efforts. We value listening. We will not pretend to "know it all" because we don't. Rather we seek to learn and understand.

We Analyze Your Business and Business Challenge
After working with our clients we return to our offices and study their business. We analyze all of the data we have. We do competitive analysis. We thoroughly review all data pertaining to this company. We develop a report proposal which includes background information, an analysis of the business challenge, the proposed solution to meeting the challenge along with goals and objectives, an overview of implementation, and an estimated budget.

Plan Development:
We Develop Concepts that Will be Key to Success
Winning marketing plans begin with winning concepts. Our greatest strength lies in the area of creativity. We have helped numerous companies think differently about their business. We have helped them to reposition their business and products in the marketplace with marked results.

We deliver a plan with measurable objectives, a plan of execution, creative concepts for needed communications, and a project budget broken down by expenditure.

We are then ready and able to roll up our sleeves to help make it happen!